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Breakfast package

We can provide a breakfast package, in the fridge on arrival. No hassle, breakfast when you want…

A breakfast package includes, per adult:
2 oranges, granola, 1 yoghurt, 1 honey cake, 1 pistolet and 1 sandwich to bake-off yourself, jam, choco, butter, milk, fruit, bacon, egg. 

A breakfast pack includes, per child: 
fristi/cecemel, 1 yoghurt, 1 honey-cake to bake-off yourself, 1 packet of cereal, fruit.

Coffee and tea are standard in Tiny Fox.


Ofyr package

The Ofyr is great… but what’s even nicer is that the food to be prepared on the Ofyr is simply ready in your fridge when you arrive. 

In the original packaging, you’ll find 5 types of meat (steak, Ardennes escalope, marinated chicken fillet, hamburger), 3 types of fish (scampi, spicy salmon fillet, marinated cod fillet), hot and cold vegetables, marinated baby potatoes with 3 sauces.

Of course, all this has to be cooked yourself on the Ofyr, with a minimum order of 2 people.

Tapas dish

Delicious Spanish tapas dish with fine meats to enjoy together at any convivial moment.

With a minimum order of 2 people.

Cheese dish

Culinary dining.

A nice range of cheese, always varying according to the season.

A glass of wine with it… Tasty!

With a minimum order of 2 people.

Electric bikes

Do you want to rent an electric bike? You can!

The Flemish Ardennes, cycling paradise… and even more enjoyable with an electric bike!

We are happy to refer you to Bike Care Wim, a bike shop a short distance from Tiny Fox.

Will you come and stay at Tiny Fox?

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